Santa Barbara is approximately 90 miles north of Los Angeles, located along U.S. Highway 101 and nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the steep Santa Ynez Mountains. With a Mediterranean climate, the area is often referred to as the "American Riviera." It's paradise. I mean, Oprah keeps an estate here, y'all. 


For those coming from out of town, we recommend flying into Los Angeles (LAX) and driving the 1.5 to 2 hours up the beautiful California coastline. This is not only perhaps the most effective option but will also provide you with that classic California road trip you always wanted. If you are feeling spicy, rent that convertible. You deserve it. Here are some rental car options:

- Hertz

- Enterprise

- Fox

- Midway

- Budget


If you don't want to hassle with a rental car, or would rather have a refreshing drink (or three) while you travel up the coast, there is also an Amtrak train that travels from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. Roundtrip tickets go for about $60, and once you are in Santa Barbara, Uber, Lyft, and Taxis are super accessible and can get you where ever you need to go.

There are two trains that you can take from LA to Santa Barbara:

The Coast Starlight and the Pacific Surfliner. Both are great, and both run on the same track and get off at the same stop in downtown Santa Barbara. And yes, both serve snacks, cocktails, beer, and wine. Both trains leave downtown LA from Union Station (an art deco landmark that's worth a visit itself), so you have to take the shuttle or a taxis from LAX to Union Station, so just to be safe, please allow yourself an hour to get from the airport to the train station. The best way to travel between the airport and Union Station is by FlyAway express coach (link below). Express buses are fast and run frequently. Ticket and train info below:

- Purchase Amtrak tickets here

- Pacific Surfliner video

- LAX to Union Station


And for those inclined to fly directly into Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Airport is also a convenient option. Just be aware that given the smaller nature of the airport, this will be a pricier option.