Outside of the welcome party and the wedding, we hope you have time to explore while you are here. Below are just a few suggestions to help you out. 



The city’s famed Urban Wine Trail encompasses more than 20 tasting rooms and stretches across two distinct downtown neighborhoods, each offering its own unique wine and dining. The Funk Zone is one of these neighborhoods, and this eclectic enclave that borders the beach is home to most of the Urban Wine Trail’s tasting rooms, all of which have their roots in the sprawling valley just on the other side of the Santa Ynez mountains. Along with the tasting rooms, there are more than a dozen art galleries and studios here.

Historic State Street Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara is one of America’s most pedestrian-friendly downtowns, in large part due to the amazing diversity of shopping, restaurants and bars all along a centrally located strip.

The food in Santa Barbara is nothing short of top notch. We have our favorites (shout out to The Lark, Santa Barbara Public Market, and on and on) but there is no shortage of good eats to find. This food guide should get you started.

There is also SB's pier, Stearns Warf, a world class zoo, and amazing hiking/outdoor activities. Take your pick.

The New York Times also covers it well here and here.




For out of towners, if you have extra time to spend in LA, we definitely encourage you to do so! There is... well, there is everything to do. And it's frankly a little hard to tell you where to start. Maybe the article below is the most helpful starting place. And of course we are here to answer any questions. Again, take it away New York Times...

No city in the country is more exciting than Los Angeles right now. Despite pop culture portrayals of Los Angeles as either comically superficial or darkly dystopian, the nation’s second largest metropolis is a vivid, soulful, eclectic city. It’s home to year-round blooms and captivating street murals, musical innovation and outsider art, deeply rooted communities and world-class food cooked by chefs from around the globe. The greatest challenge for visitors is not what to do, but which version of this vast city to embrace...
— Freda Moon, July 19, 2016, The New York Times

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Full article here.